martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

Widget for Pivotal´s tracker

After years of searching for a good Software Project manager, and trying a lot (the free ones mostly but some unfortunately bought) I finally reached Pivotal Tracker and got immediately interested by its first sight simplicity hiding a very powerful PM that suited perfectly our needs.
I am not a dogmatic Agile programming fan but some of its concepts seduced me, I got interested in GTD methogology , but I found it too personal to be suitable for a team and I was looking for something like a mix of both.
Tracker is flexible enough to let you use it from a simple todo list to a big agile project without ever upsetting you with the usual Error: required field empty (except when you don't enter the story name, but I can live with that). The account setup was immediate, the help page very clear, and they have an API based on REST that accesses directly the database and allows you to virtually do anything.
I got so sure of my choice that we immediately started to develop a couple of tools:
1/ to ease the process of story upload (stories are similar to tasks or tickets in other PMs)
2/ to help us migrate from our current PM: Trac
For #1 as we are mostly based on Mac OSX, we developed a very simple Dashboard widget that can be downloaded
We are currently working on the migration script that I will upload here when it will be ready, in a couple of days.

12 comentarios:

  1. Does not work too well.. I'm only able to post stories to my first project.

  2. This widget is completely broken since Pivotal has removed the API version 1 this weekend.

  3. It is true that PIVOTAL has changed the version but the widget is still working for me.

  4. Shame on me! My API token has changed and the widget wasn't authorised to access my account that's all. The widget is fully working for me now :-)

  5. Congratulations for the great work! Would you like to have it open sourced? We'd be glad to help improving it.

    If not, would you guys be interested in adding 2 other features, as follows?

    - possibility to choose which person should own the story
    - file upload

    Thanks a lot.


  6. Also, a textarea on "Story name" would be welcome :)

  7. Thanks Andre for your comments.I will put the widget in google code and let you know.

  8. Firstly, thanks for the great widget!

    I found out that this widget works only for projects that are not set to use https. When I set "Use HTTPS" in project settings, this widget does not work for a project any longer, but instead I get "Error: no Connection". Any hope having this fixed :)?

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  11. This widget is still usefull, but with Mountain Lion, widgets are starting to fade away. There are two Mac applications though: Pivotal Menu and PivotalBooster :)